Available courses

Safety training and tests. Resources for using the makerspace.

In Foods of the Spanish Speaking World, we will be exploring the cultures of places all around the world that speak Spanish - through what they eat! This will involve research, discussion, reflection... and of course some cooking and eating!

Place to find Class of 2019 Information from the 2017-2018 School Year

A collection of audio books for RA students

Extra work for those students taking Algebra 1 for honors credit.

Common Cartridge export of 741 from MyOpenMath

MATH210R – Calculus I: River Valley Community College

Volume of rotation

This is home base for the Orford to Quebec City Cycling Trip.

All trip events, documents, and information will be available here.

This is a point of connection for the Rivendell Ukulele Group

For Mr. Steckler's class in March 2017

This is the staff workspace for all things Project Based Learning.

PD documents, project planning, projects in process, etc. etc. etc. 

You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress

This is the home of Mrs. Surprenant's American Studies course for 2018-1019 school year.